Ready to Be an ICONI Athlete?

ICONI is looking for athletes to join our team!

Below are the requirements for athletes (open to all sizes/all genders/all ethnicities/all races/all conditions):

  1. No hate speech or bullying is allowed on any of your social media pages
  2. Must be aligned with ICONI's values of human rights for all people and promote body positivity/neutrality 
  3. Must be following ICONI on all applicable (if you use those platforms) social media platforms (we currently utilize Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)
  4. Must be currently active on Instagram and post fitness-related content twice a week
  5. Must be U.S.-based
  6. Must be able to take high quality photo or video content (smartphone photos and videos are fine) twice a week for ICONI
  7. Must be on-time with deliverables and responsive to messages

Those that are chosen to be ICONI athletes will be required to:

  1. Post photo and video content promoting ICONI on their personal Instagram twice a week
  2. Send photo and video content to ICONI once a week for promotion on all ICONI social media channels
  3. Put @iconileggings athlete in their Instagram and Twitter bio with their promo code and/or their personalized ICONI link
  4. Sign a photo and video release form

Those that are chosen will receive:

  1. Free activewear from ICONI (with free shipping)
  2. Promotion on ICONI social platforms

To apply:

  1. Fill out the contact form (you can leave the phone number section blank) on this page and include your usernames for all your social media accounts (no private pages because we have to be able to see your feed)

Thank you and good luck! -XOXO Angel